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Custom Denver experiences for groups of all sizes. Inventive drinking tours, social mixers, family outings and corporate team building.

A quick glimpse at our most popular experience, Denver history & whiskey


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Whiskey Denver Drinking Tours

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Do you like to imbibe?  Well, so do we!

Centennial Tours is the first company in Colorado to offer bus tours of distilleries.  Denver whiskey, spirits, and cocktails are no doubt our claim to fame, but we are no one-trick pony. Our tour themes are diverse, and include dancing, local history, live music, ghosts, and more.  We believe these all go better with tasty alcoholic beverages.
The craft brewery and distillery explosion in Colorado is moving along at an exciting pace, but not at the expense of quality.  Our goal is to create unique drinking experiences for people of all different tastes.   We have built our company around the whiskey, spirits, and cocktail industry, but we have since grown into a one-of-a-kind tour company, that marries unique themes with all of Denver’s craft libations.


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Denver’s First Craft Distillery Bus Tour

Denver is one of the coolest cities in the world so we decided to quit our jobs and build a company to help connect people with the Mile High City. Whether you are just visiting or a native, we are thrilled to be able to give the most unique glances into Denver’s culture offered by any touring company.

Our Concept: Touring is a lot more fun when you are drinking!

Some of our most popular tours include:

  • Denver History & Whiskey Tour (Don’t let the name scare you, if you aren’t a whiskey fan, there are other spirits options) – This walking tour offers a unique glance into the cities amazing and diverse history.
  • Craft Distillery Tour – This distilleries tour gives a window into Denver’s newest budding industry, while cruising around on our luxurious party bus, the Whiskey Wagon.
  • Spirits & Spirits – Visit Haunted bars & get drinking tips with Rick while communing with the spirits with a legit psychic….need we say more?
  • Best of Denver – The best tour if you can’t decide, this tour gives a window into the best of Denver, including history, spirits, food & dispensaries.

But…these aren’t all the options – view our tours page for the full list of touring option, or feel free to drop us a line if you want a custom quote or event for a large group.

4 Reasons You Should Tour With Us

Reason #1 – #PartySkillz

Whiskey Tasting

Reason #2 – “This is Mostly What I Did There…”

Reason to go whiskey tasting

Reason #3 – We Don’t Have a Drinking Culture, It’s More Like a Drinking Problem…

Drinking is Awesome

Reason #4 – #ConeOfSilence

Whiskey Wagon Cone of Silence

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you have to drink whiskey on the tour?
Absolutely Not! Our goal is primarily to make sure everyone has a great time, and we know that whiskey isn’t everyone’s poison. If you are on any tour, and would like something different, just ask!

Are the tours chauffeured?
Some of our tours are chauffeured in our fully loaded party bus, which we lovingly call the Whiskey Wagon. Others are walking tours. If you aren’t sure which is which, just let me know –

I’m just visiting Denver, which tour is the best for me?
Well, we have a lot of tours available based on what you are into (history, whiskey, the old west, etc.), however you can’t go wrong with our “Best of Denver” tour, which is designed to give you the highlights of Denver culture in a few short hours.

Will this tour get me drunk?
Each person has a different tolerance level & consumption of alcohol is varied based on the tour. That being said, most tours incorporate a healthy level of samples, so we recommend tour takers not drink before the tour, and arrange a ride back to your home or hotel if everyone in your group is planning on imbibing. We want everyone to have a great time & we know no-one has a great time when you drink and drive, so please be responsible.

I’ve got a million questions or special exceptions I need considered…what should I do?
Not a problem, just contact us 🙂

We offer walking and chauffeured tours in the Denver metro area, where guests learn about the distilling and brewing process, and enjoy craft spirits, cocktails, beer, and wine.  We combine these local, craft beverages with Denver’s rich history, live music, mountain scenery, and our city’s haunted past.  Come tour with us.  Cheers!


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