Introducing the Denver Poker Bus Tour!

The release of the movie Rounders in 1998 was a watershed moment for the 100+-year old poker game called No Limit Texas Holdem.

The culmination of this new poker boom can aptly be traced to 2003 when the amateur, Chris Moneymaker, took home the most prestigious award in poker as the new Champion of the World Series of Poker Main Event – $2.5 million and the coveted poker bracelet.

I, like a lot of youngsters at the time, was completely hooked.  I couldn’t stop thinking about it even when I was away from the table, and although politicians, and cheats nearly destroyed online poker gaming in the U.S., No Limit Holdem is still thriving around the world.

Strip Poker Anyone? I guess it’s only natural to contemplate a Party Bus Strip Poker Game, eventually, especially now that we are working with Would you play strip poker with strangers? Inquiring minds want to know?

It’s long been a dream of mine –even before I bought the first party bus — to have a bus that drove to and from casinos, while letting the riders play poker.  Well, that dream is about to become a reality, and I hope all of you are ready!  We are about to install a poker table on the Whiskey Wagon. Forget about the World Poker Tour, we are introducing the Denver Poker Bus Tour!

For those of you that like to play card games with your friends, but aren’t into poker, we’ve got you covered. We are going to start Cards Against Humanity social mixers, and even bring back the classics like Party Bus Monopoly. Excited yet? We sure are!

Tours will start running within a few weeks, and will include rides to Blackhawk, and other interesting destinations.  Let us know what you think, and reserve your seats now!

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