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Lunch Break - Out of the Concrete Jungle

Take a Break from the Rat Race, and Enjoy Our New Lunch Break Escape! 

Before Centennial Tours formed in 2017, I had experienced about all of the cubicle life I could handle.  I felt imprisoned in that office & my claustrophobia was paralyzing, and exhausting.   As many of you know, lunch breaks rarely provide the relief we need, since there is no time for actually getting away.  Heck, there is barely enough time to get a good call in to your loved one, and if you didn’t pack a lunch, have fun waiting in line behind everyone else on break.

If this sounds like your daily grind, do not despair.  We have the solution, and it is really quite simple; it’s The Lunch Break Escape.

How It Works

Step 1: Easy Pick Up 

We pick you up in the proximity of your office, at the start of your lunch break.

Lunch Break Step 1

Step 2: Lunch Your Way 🙂 

We provide the lunch you pre-ordered (no waiting in line; let’s face it, you don’t have time). You, and your staff enjoy the short ride on our luxury party bus, while you eat.

Lunch Break Step 2

Step 3: Vitamin D

Within 10 minutes, you are whisked away to a nice park in Denver

Lunch Break Step 3

Step 4: Quick Ride Back

We Drive You Back to the Office When it is Time to get Back to Work

Lunch Break Step 4

Why Is the Lunch Break Escape So Awesome?

Get your time back!

You are eating on the bus, so with the exception of the 5 minutes it takes you to get up and down the office stairs/elevator, and the 2 minutes it takes to board the bus, you will have more time outside the concrete jungle than ever, and we are betting your productivity will increase when you return.

Whether you want to get a little more peace & quiet on your lunch hour, a forum for outdoor activities (i.e. competitive Frisbee, yard dominoes, park bowling], or a chance to meet and socialize with new people (perfect for singles and networking), The Lunch Break Escape, is the solution for all individuals, and groups.


$20 + Food (if applicable)/Person

Pick-Up Times:

11 am, 12 pm, & 1 pm

Call or Email Us to Schedule Your Lunch Break Escape


Private Office Requests are Accepted