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After years of driving people to drink we have discovered that guided tours are not for everyone, but everyone, young & old, appreciates a good gaming experience.  Whether you are part of a corporate team looking to develop “real” team cohesion, a local single looking for a fun way to socialize, or a die-hard poker player that wants to play on the ride to the casino, Centennial Tours has you covered!
Team Work & Employee Development
Companies want more than an experience that allows their staff to drink and cut loose.  It is less about building employee morale, and more about team building, and employee development, for the better of the companies that are spending $720 million/year. 

Inspired loosely by the classic movie, “The Game,” with Michael Douglas, we are revolutionizing the industry with Experiential Learning through Interactive Gaming  — something that offers a comprehensive, immersive experience.

Awe-Inspiring Colorado Vistas

If you are looking for trust-falls and corny scavenger hunts you clicked on the wrong site. We gather information about your team, industry, and competition, and design games that have a lasting impact, and blur the lines between reality and fiction.


Semi-competitive frisbee in the park


Bowling seems to be popular in Denver these days, so we decided to put a new spin on the old classic, and play outside, in the dark.

Call or Email Us to Schedule Your Gaming Experience



Private Office Requests are Accepted 




Ready to Book?  Great! Here is how  it works:

1.) Go to the Calendar & Pick Your Desired Date/Time

2.) Pay or Enter Your Gift Certificate

  • This experience was launched on May 22nd, 2017, so the games are going to be on a rotational basis through the months of June & July 2017.  Once, we dial in what is most popular, the gaming calendar will be fixed.  Private guests can choose their own games.

*Upgrade to GAME CHOICE for $10, and choose the game we play.  Below is a list of games available, but if you don’t see what you are looking for, please let us know. To upgrade, or create a private gaming experience contact us at centennialtours.rick@gmail.com/720-432-7646.

3.) We will send you a booking confirmation with a link where you can tell us your gaming preference.  When possible we will try to rotate in a preference, but our main goal is to offer all the games that people are looking for, and we really appreciate your ideas.

We are a tiny company with only one full-time employee, so please don’t call/text/email your game requests unless you are booking a private experience, or have upgraded to Game Choice.  If you want to upgrade, and pick a game, or create a private gaming experience contact us at centennialtours.rick@gmail.com/720-432-7646.


Experience starts at Burnt Barrel (1201 16th St Suite #120, Denver, CO 80202)

  • 5 pm on Sundays
  • 10 am and 6 pm, Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays
  • 10 am on Thursdays
  • 7 pm on Saturdays

Experience ends at Burnt Barrel 3 hours later (1201 16th St Suite #120, Denver, CO 80202)

*Experience includes 3 Moscow Mules, 3 Beers, or 3 Juice Boxes (for the young at heart).  3 drinks, 3 games, & 3 hours.  Some games like Rummy & Coke include Rum & Coke, instead of those listed above.  We will call/email you in advance of your experience for your drink preferences.

Price: $75/person

Private/Corporate Pricing:

Due the custom nature, and varies levels of complexity these gaming experiences can include, prices can vary on a case-by-case basis.

Contact Us at centennialtours.rick@gmail.com/720-432-7646

Duration: 3 Hours